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Recently Sky5’s Melbourne team was tasked with conducting a site safety audit for a property within our client’s large portfolio. On face value the site had ladders & fall arrest systems to provide safe access fitted, however, the audit uncovered issues with both.

Unfortunately, an all too common occurrence in the Height safety industry, where the Building managers (PCBU) contracts an “expert” to carry out an installation or inspection believing they are providing their contractors with a safe workplace, only to find out that their systems do not comply.

A great outcome helping a proactive client, ensuring they are doing their best to provide their contractors and workers with a safe workplace.

The Audit highlighted major concerns around the existing fall arrest anchors installed against manufacturers recommendations, non-compliant ladders, undersized roof hatches, un-protected plant adjacent to fall edges and un-protected brittle roof sheets.

After consultation with the PCBU to help them understand the risks and their obligations, SKY5 was tasked with bringing the site up to standard.

The team removed and replaced the access hatches and upgraded the guardrail for effective fall protection around each. The non-compliant anchor system was also removed and replaced with a proprietary system, as well as Skylight protection mesh installed to protect workers from brittle roof sheets. Signage was also installed across the roof to alert all workers to the potentially catastrophic dangers.

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