AXIS 28kN Big D Triplock Carabiner


AXIS 28kN Big D Triplock Carabiner


Axis is a range of carabiners & related equipment designed for group use, caving, rescue & emergency services, defence, rope access, height safety & climbing related activities. The manufacturer has over 30 years experience in manufacturing safety hardware to the highest standards, is ISO 9001:2008 certified and makes CE & UIAA certified products.


  • Snag-Free nose
  • Batch numbered
  • Style numbered
  • Individual serial numbered
  • CE certified
  • Include certified instructions
  • Anodised finish
  • Individually tested to 16kN
Material Alloy
Series Locking
Colours black, blue
Weight 84 g
Width 72 mm
Length 112 mm
Long B Force 28 kN
Cross B Force 8 kN
Open B Force 8 kN

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