Beaver Screw Pin Bow Shackle


These yellow pin Grade S screw pin shackles are manufactured by Beaver, and comply to AS 2741.

Screw pin shackles are used mainly for non-permanent applications. The Grade S shackles are recommended where high strength is required such as lifting, towing, and 4WD applications.

Product Code Size WLL Type Shape Closing Method Weight
242305 5mm x 6mm 0.33t Grade S Bow Screw 0.03kg
242306 6mm x 8mm 0.50t Grade S Bow Screw 0.05kg
242308 8mm x 10mm 0.75t Grade S Bow Screw 0.09kg
242310 10mm x 11mm 1.0t Grade S Bow Screw 0.14kg
242311 11mm x 13mm 1.50t Grade S Bow Screw 0.17kg
242313 13mm x 16mm 2.00t Grade S Bow Screw 0.33kg
242316 16mm x 19mm 3.20t Grade S Bow Screw 0.63kg
242319 19mm x 22mm 4.70t Grade S Bow Screw 1.07kg
242322 22mm x 25mm 6.50t Grade S Bow Screw 1.65kg
242325 25mm x 29mm 8.50t Grade S Bow Screw 2.30kg
242329 29mm x 32mm 9.5t Grade S Bow Screw 3.28kg
242332 32mm x 35mm 12t Grade S Bow Screw 4.51kg
242335 35mm x 38mm 13.5t Grade S Bow Screw 5.43kg
242338 38mm x 41mm 17t Grade S Bow Screw 7.89kg
242344 44mm x 51mm 25t Grade S Bow Screw 13.40kg
242351 51mm x 57mm 35t Grade S Bow Screw 18.85kg
242363 63mm x 70mm 55t Grade S Bow Screw 37.86kg
Product Code Size Diameter Pin Diameter (D) Inside Width (W) Inside Length (L) Width of Bow (B) Diameter Boss (F)
242306 6mm x 8mm 6mm 8mm 12mm 20mm 29mm 17mm
242308 8mm x 10mm 8mm 10mm 13mm 21mm 31mm 21mm
242310 10mm x 11mm 10mm 11mm 17mm 26mm 37mm 25mm
242311 11mm x 13mm 11mm 13mm 18mm 29mm 43mm 27mm
242313 13mm x 16mm 13mm 16mm 21mm 33mm 48mm 33mm
242316 16mm x 19mm 16mm 19mm 27mm 43mm 61mm 40mm
242319 19mm x 22mm 19mm 22mm 32mm 51mm 72mm 48mm
242329 29mm x 32mm 29mm 32mm 46mm 108mm 74mm 67mm
242332 32mm x 35mm 32mm 35mm 52mm 119mm 83mm 76mm
242335 35mm x 38mm 35mm 38mm 57mm 133mm 92mm 84mm
242338 38mm x 41mm 38mm 41mm 60mm 146mm 98mm 92mm
242344 44mm x 51mm 44mm 51mm 73mm 178mm 127mm 110mm
242351 51mm x 57mm 51mm 57mm 83mm 197mm 146mm 127mm
242363 63mm x 70mm 63mm 70mm 105mm 267mm 184mm 152mm

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