Arachnipod Advantage Basic Tripod

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The Arachnipod Advantage Basic tripod model is supplied with 2 Standard legs and a Lazy leg.

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  • The Arachnipod Advantage Basic tripod with 2 Standard legs and a Lazy leg. This adds flexibility of use when configured as a tripod and A-frame while also making other configurations such as the handrail technique possible.
  • The Arachnipod’s uniquely designed head system, the legs can be quickly disconnected from each other to store flat for compact storage and transportation. Each of the legs is supplied with a Standard Foot which features a rippled base for traction.
  • Standard Legs feature rated load attachment points that swivel 360 degrees, along with an additional D-shackle attachment point for stabilization rigging.
  • The Lazy Leg is colored blue for easy identification with a pivot range of 180ΒΊ. When combined with other Arachnipod accessories, this leg can be used on its own as a gin/monopole or combined with other legs to form an A-frame with the lazy leg.
  • When fitted, the Lazy Leg Adaptor Plug converts the lazy leg into a standard leg thus providing this model tripod with greater versatility and configurations.
  • 2 x Standard Legs with Standard Feet
  • 1 x Lazy Leg with Standard Foot
  • Lazy Leg Adaptor Plug
  • Feet Rope and Rope Grab
  • Arachnipod Bag 42-1011

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