Arachnipod Rescue Kit

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Arachnipod Rescue Kit includes:

  • Arachnipod Industrial Plus Tripod (2 Standard, 1 Pulley leg)
  • Feet rope and rope grab
  • Arachnipod bag
  • Rigging plate
  • Spike feet x 3

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The Arachnipod Rescue Kit contains all components to enable the following configurations:

Tripod – for easy access to confined space entry points such as manholes and voids. This system can also be used as a high directional frame. A unique feature of Arachnipod tripod and kits is that it flat packs for convenient storage and transport. The system can be used with either a winch retrieval system, a mechanical advantage system or a Type 3 fall arrest block.

A-frame – A conventional or offset A-frame is easily constructed by removing one of the tripod legs. The A-frame is used in situations where an artificial high directional is required for high lines, or in confined spaces where the area is too small to accommodate conventional tripods. An A-frame rigging plate should be used to provide additional tie-off points for stabilization of the frame.


Sideways A-frame – The pulley leg included in the kit is used to configure the sideways A-frame. It is ideal for situations which require a high-directional, protruding past an edge such as cliffs, high rise buildings, and bridges. Using one Arachnipod standard leg and one pulley leg provides an in-built high directional pulley for ease of use during rescue operations. An A-frame rigging plate should be used to provide additional tie-off points to stabilize the frame.

Handrail recovery monopole – A sturdy handrail can be used as an artificial high directional to raise or lower a person or rescue stretcher over an edge. By using the pulley leg, a simple system can be easily set up to retrieve a stretcher or person over the edge and through the lower handrail gap. It is essential to assess the load bearing capacity of the handrail prior to using this method.

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