Gripps Mule Tool Conquer Kit

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Ready to conquer tool tethering once and for all?

Our NEW Mule Tool Conquer kit is a perfect combination of small form factor meets wide array of tethering solutions.

This kit includes GRIPPS popular Mule Tool Backpack, an impressive range of connectors and tethers giving you immense versatility for ways to tether different tools. Protect your hands too with the GRIPPS C5 Eco Gloves also included. Impress the site safety manager, stop drops and tether with ease with this kit. Overall, this kit packs punch when it comes to tool tethering, hence it’s name the Mule Tool Conquer Kit.

Kit Contents

  • 1 x H01141 Mule Tool Backpack – 20.0kg
  • 1 x H01030-10 Screwlock Cable – 3mm x 120mm (10 Pack)
  • 1 x H01005-10 Tool Catch 12mm x 55mm (10 Pack)
  • 1 x H01010 V-Gripp Tape
  • 2 x H01072 Bungee Tether Single-Action – 2.5kg
  • 1 x H01120 Steel Cable Retractor Unit – 0.7kg
  • 1 x H01125 Kevlar Cable Retractor Unit with Auto-Stop – 0.7kg
  • 2 x H01068 Coil Tether Single-Action – 1.0kg
  • 1 x H03048 Little Gripper Kit
  • 1 x H01021 Swivel Catch
  • 1 x H02056 Tape Measure Catch
  • 1 x H02039P Phone Gripper With Coil Tether (Non Conductive)
  • 1 x S21627-L – C5 Eco Glove – L
  • 1 x H01067 Webbing Wrist Tether Single-Action – 2.5kg

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