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Representing over 25 years of collaboration and innovation alongside industries that work at height, The Drop Store is your total turn-key solution for the management of this critical risk.

Contains over 840 individual components that cater for up to 50 height workers.

Certified training in dropped object prevention and best practices for 5 people included.

Key Features

  • Industrial duty 0.6mm x 1.0mm/0.02″ x 0.04″ steel construction.
  • Lockable keyed doors with 3 locking points.
  • Sliding draw and fixed height work bench.
  • Training included.

Kit Contents

SKU Product Name Qty
H04005 Tool Cabinet with Storage Compartment 1
H05000 Target Zero Drops – Certified Training Course 1/2 Day 1
H01073 Bungee Tether Dual-Action 7.0kg 40
H01076 Webbing Tether Heavy Duty 15.9kg 5
H01071 Bungee Heavy Duty Tether 18kg 10
H01069 Coil Tether Dual-Action 2.3kg 10
H01086 Adjustable Wrist Anchor 30
H01021 Swivel Catch 130mm 30
H01006 Tool Catch 25mm x 90mm 100
H01005 Tool Catch 12mm x 55mm 100
H01055 Tool Hitch 16kg 20
H01056 Single Arm Tool Hitch 16kg 20
H01057 Dual Arm Tool Hitch 16kg 20
H01058 Heavy Duty Tool Hitch 36kg 10
H02034 Adjustable Two-Way Radio Holster 15
H01123 Tool Grapple with Autostop 10
H02039 Phone Gripper 30
H02056 Tape Measure Catch 20
H01010 V Gripp Tape 20
H03001 Gripp Shrink 25mm x 50mm – 25 Pack 4
H03002 Gripp Shrink 38mm x 51mm – 25 Pack 4
H02038 Insulated Water Bottle/Spray Can Holster 20
H02032 Battery Catch Holster 10
H01142 Belt-Loop Anchor 50
H01110 Bull Bag 3
H01140 Mule Bag 3
H01307 Modular Drop Mat 3
H01030 Screwlock Cable 120mm 50
H01031 Screwlock Cable 150mm 50
H02101 Bolt Safe Pouch 10
H03040 Little Gripper 3.5mm-6.5mm 5 Pack 2
H03041 Little Gripper 5.5mm-9.0mm 5 Pack 2
H03042 Little Gripper 8.0mm-13.0mm 5 Pack 2
H03043 Little Gripper 12.0mm-16.0mm 5 Pack 2
H01037 Tool Rings 25mm 1kg – 10 pack 4
H01038 Tool Rings 38mm 1kg- 10 pack 4

  • Height: 1.85m / 73″
  • Width: 1.0m / 39″
  • Depth: 56cm / 22″

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