Rock Exotica Vortex VX2 Raptor Foot VXRF

$309.17 inc GST.

The Raptor Feet are designed for outdoor use; e.g. cliff face rescue work, etc.

Available on backorder | Lead Time: Not stocked in store 10-15 days

The Raptor Foot features a replicable carbide tip designed to reach into small holes or cracks for optimal grip even on uneven surfaces. Foot rotation is adjustable to allow correct orientation of the claw relative to the configuration of the Vortex. Two holes and a slot are machines into the Raptor Foot to accommodate other means of anchoring

Weight: 1 lbs (470 gm)

When you buy your Arizona VX2 you will also need to buy feet, depending on your use, and you will require 3 of them. We price them individually here, so make sure you select QUANTITY of 3 otherwise you’ll have a lopsided tripod!

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