Rock Exotica Vortex VX2 Multipod Tripod

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The Arizona Vortex is the ultimate artificial high directional system (AHD).

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The Arizona Vortex is the ultimate artificial high directional system (AHD) that adapts to almost any terrain or set-up location. The Vortex can be set up in multiple configurations including tripod, bi-pod and monopod. Separately the two heads create an a-frame, gin pole, a combination of the two, as well as a multitude of other configurations.

The Vortex can be used in a variety of situations including mountain and confined space rescue as well as rope and work access. Many companion products exist to extend the functionality of the Vortex, such as the Omni-block, AZTEK, Kootenay and AZORP, which allow it to meet virtually any requirement for a portable AHD system.

Other features of the Arizona Vortex Multipod include:-

the A-Frame joiner section and gin pole head can be used together or as separate AHDs the smallest adjustment increment across the system is only 7.6cm making it ideal for difficult confined space and USAR operations.

WLL is around 450kg

Can be fitted with two different types of feet: Raptor and Flat

A-Frame head can be be fitted with ‘head set sheaves’ for an ultra low gain system (maximising head height in a lift) all parts are available separately and are replaceable

The basic frame includes both the A-Frame and Gin Pole Heads, three Upper Legs and seven lower Legs. The feet, either Flat Feet or Raptor Feet, much be purchased separately, as must a Bag Set if desired.


Min Height: 9 ft (2.7 m)
Max Height (with additional legs): 12 ft (3.7 m)
Weight (with both feet sets): 72 lb (33 kg)
MBS: 36kN
Certification: CE

1 x Gin Head
1 x A-Frame heads
1 x Headset pulley wheel
4 x Headpins
3 x Upper legs
7 x Lower legs
11x Leg Pins
Instruction Manual

NOTE: This unit will need FEET (x 3) depending on the surface, please see similar items, plus we recommend a bag given that it’s modular unit and pieces can get lost!

The A-Frame attaches to the Gin Pole Head to construct the standard Vortex tripod configuration. The A-Frame with legs attached to both sides is also used as a standalone bi-pod rigging piece. The Lower legs can now be used to connect directly to the A-Frame by inserting the bottom end (stud) of the Lower Leg into the A-Frame. A pulley, Omni-Block, or pulley sheave connects directly to the A-Frame with a quick release pin to increase the effective height of the Vortex.

Weight: 5.2 lbs (2.3 kg)
Length: 16.4″ (41.7cm)
Width: 3.9″ (9.8cm)
Height: 6.5″ (16.5cm)

The Gin Pole Head is connected to the A-Frame with the Head Pins to construct the standard Vortex tripod configuration. Many times, the Head is used with a Vortex Leg and Foot to construct a gin pole.

Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Length: 8.4″ (21.2cm)
Width: 5″ (12.7cm)
Height: 3″ (7.6cm)

The Upper Leg of the Vortex typically attaches to the A-Frame and fits within the Lower Leg. It can be positioned with the Lower Leg to adjust to different heights as needed. May also be used to attached two Lower Legs and directly to the feet of necessary

Weight: 4.7 lbs (2.1 kg)
Length: 38.5″ (98cm)
Diameter: 2.0″ (5cm)

The Lower Leg of the Vortex typically attaches to the feet with the permanently attached stud on the bottom. This piece may also be reversed and attach to the A-Frame

Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
Length: 41.5″ (105cm)
Diameter: 2.35″ (6cm)

Used for connecting the components of the Vortex, the steel Head and Leg pins are strong, compact and quick to use. Rated at 80kN.

VXQR375 / VXQR500
Weight: 43 gm (1.5 oz) / 68 gm (2.4 oz)
Length: 98 mm (3.9”) / 81 mm (3.2”)
Diameter: 9.4 mm (.37”) / 13 mm (.5”)

For attachment to the Vortex A-frame using a headpin. 38 mm (1.5”) pulley wheel saves rigging space and is lightweight. Uses high-efficiency bearing


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