Mini Pulley System

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Lightweight, compact and comfortable: SKYLOTEC offers an innovative new 6:1 Mini Pulley System. This ultra-light system with a ratio of 6:1 makes for easy lifting and a rope lock secures the load. The Mini Pulley System is a compact pre-rigged rescue and the hauling system often referred to as a “Casualty Pulley System”, “Haul Track” or a “Pig Rig”.

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  • Possible applications include the raising or lowering of casualties, the tensioning of systems such as Tyrolean or tension lines and lifting light loads such as hand tools and other equipment.
  • Mini Pulley Systems can be applicable to all sectors of work at height and rescue.
  • It is not limited to confined or restricted access locations or tall structures.
  • The set includes 23 meters of robust SKYLOTEC micro-rope with an operating length of just under 4 meters, two trilock DOUBLE carabiners and a compact carry bag for easy storage and transportation.
  • Art. Number: SET-337-23
  • EAN: 4030281249115
  • E-Class Number: 40-02-90-01
  • Customs Number: 84798997
  • Weight: 0.90 kg

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