Kootenay Ultra Knot Passing Pulley

$318.14 inc GST

The original Kootenay knot passing pulley was proposed by the legendary Arnor Larson in the late ’80’s and was made by Rock Exotica. Two holes for taglines, a dual bearing and other features make the Kootenay Ultra the most advanced pulley of its type.

Extremely compact and lightweight, while maintaining the same capacity of larger Kootenay-style pulleys.

Simplifies high-strength tie-off with a single locking screw, stowable within the axle.

Uses two independent sealed ball bearings for increased durability and efficiency.

Two additional holes to separate taglines and hoist lines, helping prevent spinning of the load and interference with connectors.

Part Number: P3
MBS: 39 kN
WLL: 6kN
Sheave Dia: 56mm (2.2″)
Rope Dia: 8mm – 19mm
Weight: 711 gm (25 oz)
Type: Double Bearing
Certification: CE

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